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well??! it happened. please consider it still in the ‘experimental’ phase, i did the prologue as a cute way to kickstart the comic, i may come up with different update styles and methods. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE ON TAPASTIC! i’d also be so grateful if people could reblog this post and spread the word about my gross characters. follow-up post to come!

softly reminds people this happened… updates this friday!!!


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In honor of national dog day, here’s a vid of my sister’s dog Buddy struggling to get inside. Hahahaha.

buddy does not know



Forget the Myers-Briggs fucking personality assessment. I am dead tired of hearing if someone is an INFP or an ESLQ or whatever. I want to know if someone is melancholic or choleric. Bring back the four humors. I wanna see “Kaley, 16, phlegmatic” when I go to someone’s blog. Who is with me. Lets make this happen

here's a test i found. go wild, y'all. (im choleric.)


*walks up to straight couple* so which one of you is the knight and which one of you is the potion seller

Anonymous asked: if orochimaru's favorite food is eggs, does that mean he can make a perfect tamagoyaki? or does he have boiled eggs served in cute lil egg cups?

holy shit there’s some food for thought. *badumtssSHOT*

i wouldn’t be surprised if he made NUMEROUS perfect egg dishes. prolly has a book or scroll on 1000 ways to cook an egg. pero they have to be done RIGHT or else. 

Can you imagine a cranky orochimaru fckn going Gordon Ramsay on his underlings cuz they aren’t cooking his eggs right?


"if she didn’t want those nudes released, she wouldn’t have taken them"

so I guess you wouldn’t mind all your friends and family seeing your smutty fanfictions and filthy text posts since you wouldn’t have made them if you didn’t want anyone to see them


Guys it’s really important during this whole ferguson protest that we as social media DO NOT back down until punishment is dealt to those racists. If we let this movement die, then the oppressors win. I’ve seen stuff like this before and the majority of people stop posting about it within a week. We can’t let that happen, this is too important. so keep reblogging and keep posting until these darn racists are punished for their awful inhumane actions. 


people can change; we’re not made of stone



This feeling when you walk into big art supply stores …